Daily Dev Feb 18 – Misc stuff!

In-development screenshot, 19/02/2014


No video today (it’s late!) but got some useful stuff done.

Character-specific multiplayer camera is in (is actually just one camera which is controlled locally by the player, was afraid I’d have to have a camera per spawned player…)

Terrain generation! Well, basic terrain anyway. By basic, I mean it’ll spawn a room at run-time. It’ll have a floor. It’ll have impassable walls. That’s about it. Basic, but now I know how it’s done on a technical level I can start faffing around with procedural generation. Perlin noise/diamond-square don’t really make a ton of sense given the flat top down nature of the game, but something like randomly having tufts of grass on the plains, the occasional tree or randomly generated villages/dungeons isn’t a terribly difficult concept to get my head around.

Next up I think is having a server-side event manager to do basic enemy spawns for players to kill, which loops around to finishing up multiplayer combat and basic stats you’d expect in an rpg, at which point I’ll get to expanding the terrain system so it can make your common-or-garden-variety dungeon floor, then I’ll tart it up a bit with special map objects like lamps with lighting effects aaand who knows what else.


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